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Shortly after we posted our last Rundown, our TM’s took 10 of our awesome residential contractors to the American Standard furnace factory in Trenton, NJ. While at the factory, they were granted access to all areas of production and testing – providing a whole new perspective on the American Standard furnace. Reviews from the attendees echoed this sentiment – most, if not all, returned from the trip duly impressed with the operation in Trenton – CSIpgh TM’s included!

Our newest Inside Sales team member, Max Moore, also accompanied the group and had this to say:

“I had a really good time on the factory tour. Since I have never been to one of the factories, it was really cool to see everything. I honestly learned so many cool new things about American Standard and was able to come back with a whole new understanding about the furnaces.”

Check out some pictures from the trip in the slideshow below (pictures are not permitted inside the actual factory, but we swear – they DID go inside!)…

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Let’s keep this thing rolling…

While I was out tending to a newborn, Don Moore was a traveling machine! After returning from the Trenton, NJ factory trip, Don re-packed his bags for Dallas, TX to attend this year’s MEHVAC Diamond Contractor Conference. Keep logging those frequent flyer miles, Donny, you’ll catch my dad in no time! (Yea, right.)

Don’s report from the conference matched what we heard from a couple of customers and colleagues that attended: the breakout sessions were valuable and the keynote speakers absolutely blew them away. Weldon Long impressed as always – but it was another speaker, Travis Mills, an amputee veteran that had Don laughing one minute and crying the next. You can learn more about Travis and his mission here: travismills.org.

Thanks to all of our Diamond Contractor attendees that took the time to make the trip to Texas, we hope you found it worth the time and trip!

OK, don’t fade on me now…


But seriously, we absolutely LOVE to see the finished product of the projects we work on – as hopefully many have seen featured on our Facebook page. Below, my dad was able to find this really cool YouTube shot partially via drone for the Fulton County Medical Center – Center for Advanced Medicine (if the video does not appear below, please refresh the page or check out the video here).

If you look closely and are as obsessed with VRF as some of us, you may notice our equipment in some of the shots. Our entire commercial team was extremely proud to work on such a remarkable building. Thanks to JPT Architecture for posting the video.


Thanks for joining me in this week’s (month’s) Rundown… I’ll be back early next week with a bunch of wrap-up information on this week’s 2nd Annual CSIpgh Golf Outing.


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