The sun? It shined. The wind? It was cold. The Frost? It still needed to melt…

But by 10am, we were ready to roll away (what was left of) the dew…


We grew our attendance by 20% this year – increasing golfer participants from 80 to 96. It was incredibly heartwarming to see so many friendly and familiar faces in attendance as I delivered the morning’s welcome around the putting green.

Inside at registration, golfers received (in my opinion) a pretty nice swag set courtesy of CSIpgh and also had an opportunity to purchase (some pretty sweet) commemorative CSIpgh Golf Outing hats with all proceeds going directly to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

Sarah Zuk, Marketing & Events Coordinator (aka Girl Boss), was thrilled with the Food Bank’s support of this year’s event:

“Gary Mulholland from the Food Bank was able to golf with us AND speak at dinner! Its always awesome to hear how the efforts of our staff and supporters can directly help the region’s hunger issues… last year, our $5,000 donation from the Golf Outing was able to provide around 25,000 meals throughout the area!”

If you are interested in purchasing any hats to support the Food Bank – please contact and we will get you all of the information.

For the most part, the structure of the event remained unchanged: your typical 4-man scramble with a couple long drives, closest to the pins, and a putting contest for good measure. A very big congratulations to all of the golf winners on the day – you’re just lucky I wasn’t accepting any prizes 😉

Of course, no golf outing would be complete without Chinese and Silent auctions… and boy, did we outdo ourselves in that department. Many thanks to the CSIpgh staff and all of the local businesses that supported the event with their generous donations of gift to create all of the baskets and silent auction prizes.

Before we get to the big donation reveal, here… look at some pictures from the day (and yes, I snuck in a couple of my beautiful daughter… sue me):

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You can also check out ALL of the pictures from the event at our Facebook Page… participants will be receiving their foursome photos via mail early next week!

One more thing before I write this huge donation number… I just have to one more time acknowledge the awesome Sarah Zuk for her MASSIVE effort on this year’s event.

If you were in attendance (or at least skimmed above), you undoubtedly noticed the event was BIGGER than last year – by 20% in fact (worth repeating) – which Sarah specifically stated as one of her goals for 2017. I think I speak for everyone, A++ to Mrs. Zuk for a job incredibly well done of achieving your goal – growing not only the event BUT ALSO the donation total…

Which is what we really care about, right?

How much are we donating this year?

Go ahead….scroll a little further…






Heart = bursting with pride. Honestly, I am still kind of speechless (yea, BELIEVE IT).

Not much else to say but, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone!!!!


And as always, we keep it going!! If you have any non-perishable food items that you would like to donate to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food bank, please feel free bring them to any of our 3 locations. No donation is too small or too big to make a difference!



Feed the hungry,