Hey there, BSH back in the saddle again…

As most of you in the industry can attest, its been a bit of a slow end to the season as we TRY to wind down into Fall (another classic week of 90’s in September in Pittsburgh :eyeroll:).

With that in mind, there hasn’t been a TON going on around the office but we do have a few things to say about the past week and better yet – whats to come…

This past Monday – Don, Justin, Joe Ferguson and myself has the awesome pleasure of supporting the Wade Heating & Cooling Charity Golf Outing benefiting the Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund. This has become a yearly staple on our calendar – being able to support an amazing local cause for one of our great customers on the golf course?! Say no more, we’re there.

While we didn’t take home any team prizes, Don and Joe made out like bandits in the raffles and I was able to score a long drive prize (humble brag – it was a beauty). Thanks so much to Joe for joining us and everyone at Wade Heating & Cooling for putting on another fantastic outing!


On Tuesday, we were able to take advantage of an unfortunate and underwhelming number of attendees (zero) for our *BRAND NEW* American Standard Rooftop Training… we held two internal sessions at CSIpgh Main and now have TEN additional employees SCHOOLED on our A/S RTU lineup – inside and out.

Looking for a rooftop replacement? Need product or AHRI info to specify for a project? How about technical support? Commercial parts? Look no further, we have it all.


If we have any Altoona customer readers out there – hopefully you were able to put our recent mailer to good use! If you weren’t, fear not, there may or may not be TWO more mailers in your future (hint: there is). Be sure to keep your eyes peeled in October.


And now for a bit of an announcement…

For those unaware, next week, our content department (my wife) will be giving birth to our first child…yes, its a very happy time for the Heckler family and we are so very excited to welcome the newest member of the CSIpgh family to this world.

So, no more CSIpgh blog? What about the rundown?! What are we gonna do without the rundown?!

Au contraire… say hi to your newest full-time blogger 🙂 I’ll be taking over the blog and our social media communications while Sarah Zuk (formerly Messner) helps out on some of the print collateral you have become used to seeing. We will be publishing a Fall/Winter issue of the A/S Leader in November in addition to producing other content and creative throughout the Winter.

So, fear not! We aim to not miss a beat during this time… in fact, we LOVE putting ourselves and our staff just a BIT out of their comfort zone. This is usually provides the best opportunity to learn/grow.

Between you and me, I am really looking forward to seeing Sarah and I’s growth as we get ourselves back into some old tasks and learn some new things…


Thats all for now, talk to yinz after I’m a dad.