Well, well, well…look who has the keyboard again… BSH back again… after only a little begging and pleading with the content department (my wife).

I wanted to personally write this year’s Fall Training Schedule announcement because this department and what they do is very very special to me. Let’s talk a little bit about what #CSICERTIFIED is all about…

School sucks, am I right? Now, hear me out…I believe education is very important. But, I also believe that boring a room full of HVAC contractors to death with a million powerpoint slides for 8 straight hours is nothing but a waste of everyone’s time (and more importantly, money). I’ve seen what the end of one of those days looks like way too many times: students far more excited to get on with their evening than to bother remembering a single thing the trainer said during class.

It’s been several years now since we made a few very conscious and focused efforts to make sure that our training at CSIpgh stood out amongst other local HVAC training offerings:

  • less powerpoint and more hands-on classes
  • TRAIN THE ENTIRE COMPANY: product, sales, application, installation, and service
  • help our customers GROW with technology and business trainings, etc.
  • enjoy training and make our training enjoyable (provide a great experience)

We like to think we continue to succeed in these areas but as with all things at CSIpgh, we are always trying to find new ways to grow.


How do we do it? Well…the secret sauce, of course.

And that secret sauce is super simple. It’s nothing more than burning passion.

Every time they come from a planning session, our training department blows me away with the passion they have for making our customers the very best they can be. From making classes as interactive and hands-on as possible, to literally WRITING new classes because “it needs to be taught and the factory doesn’t offer it” …its almost unbelievable what they come up with.

CSIpgh staff – if you ever get a chance to sit in on one of these meetings – do it – it’s pretty inspiring to be a part of their conversations and idea sessions..it’ll really get your juices flowing!

I say almost unbelievable up there because, as you will now see, they (our amazing training department) continue to bring these ideas and classes to life!

So, without further rambling from me, it brings all of us at CSIpgh great pleasure to bring to you our 2017 Fall Training Calendar…filled with EIGHTEEN scheduled classes and SIX (yes, I said SIX) BRAND NEW classes!! Get yourself #CSICERTIFIED.

2017 Fall Training Calendar

We are so freakin’ JACKED UP about this training season over here, you would not even believe it!

We’ve also been working really hard on a new and improved online signup process…if you’re as excited as we are and are already chomping at the bit to sign up, go ahead and test out a form for us below…

As always, Sarah will be in touch shortly to finalize your registration and collect payment. As much as we love to streamline and practice efficiency, we will NEVER do away with the personal touch that CSIpgh has always been known for, thats a promise.

In addition to the scheduled classes above, we will continue to offer our custom trainings year-round and will work closely with your company to tailor the material to your specific needs. In addition to the additional custom classes, we will ALSO be assisting in hosting some factory-provided trainings from MEHVAC and more… there will be 20+ ways to get #CSICERTIFIED before 2018…

Come and get it.


In closing, I know I speak on behalf of our entire training department and all of our staff when I say it is truly our privilege to serve you. We are only successful if you are – we promise we will do everything we can to help you get there!