If you ask anyone around CSIpgh what they are passionate about, ‘customers’ would undoubtedly be a number one response; coming in a close second would likely be Steelers football. This past weekend, we combined our love of both with a bus trip to Buffalo, NY to watch the Steelers take on the Bills. An excited group of 36 CSIpgh customers met at CSIpgh Main on Saturday morning as we set off on our weekend adventure – no falling snow nor freezing rain would keep us from our destination, although it tried!

On Saturday afternoon, we checked into the Hyatt in downtown Buffalo and many were excited to find out that the Steelers were staying in the same hotel. A happy coincidence or planned run-in?  We’ll never tell! 😉

After settling in to our rooms, we met up for Happy Hour and then set out for drinks and dinner at local hot spot, The Lodge. On our short walk to dinner, we were perplexed to see thousands (literally, THOUSANDS) of people walking around in Santa costumes. Our confusion was short-lived once we found out that SantaCon was going on as well (yes, it’s a real thing). Suffice to say, it is the only time that any of us stood out in a crowd for wearing jeans!

After a long night of merry-making, we woke up the next morning for breakfast in the hotel. As we ate in the lobby, we even got to cheer on the Steelers as they rode down the escalator en route to the buses. It was then time to make our way to our own team bus, where we were shuttled over to New Era Field at Ralph Wilson Stadium to begin our tailgate festivities! We played corn hole, drank beer, had good conversations, and tried to stay warm as we got ready to cheer on the Steelers.


Unsurprisingly, we were not the only ones wearing black n’ gold inside of the stadium. By this author’s estimation, I’d say that a good 30% of the stadium was waving The Terrible Towel. That number only increased after halftime, when many defeated Buffalo fans decided to pack up and head home instead of watching the gridiron beat down that was occurring. The accumulating snow made for good memories as the Steelers defeated the Bills 27-20. Though our group was split up once we got to our seats, we are happy to report  that no one was kicked out of the game for being typical rowdy Steelers fans!

Our bus ride home took considerably longer as we had some serious winter weather to contend with. I think it’s safe to say that the excitement and exhaustion of the weekend made for a very long Monday for all those that attended, but overall, it was a great time.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for the full photo album from the trip and if you were there – please feel free to tag yourself!

A HUGE thank you to all of the customers that joined us on this trip, and also to our partners at Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating for supporting the event!