“Growing up as a boy, there was little to no technology. You would leave the house and your parents wouldn’t know where you were all day, but as long as you were home before dark no one worried. Today’s society is totally different: you know where everyone is at all times, there’s constant communication. I think it’s changed the world for our kids because everything used to be outdoors and now there is no attention span, you are always checking a screen. I think it’s taken some of the quality of family life away.

I went from having nothing at all, then to a pager, then a flip phone, and now an iPhone. These days, if I forget my phone, I am a total wreck because everything is on that phone. Its such a huge part of my life. Whereas back then, I couldn’t imagine technology being any part of my life.

I would say technology has done two things: it’s made the world easier to do business, but it’s added stress on a personal level. “