“Space, the final frontier.” A phrase that is known the world over, and one that has been the inspiration for millions of people world wide. I know it was for me. The dream of going into space and exploring the rest of the galaxy seemed a viable endeavor, after all, we had just landed 12 men on the moon and brought them back safely.  Technology was, and is, advancing at a furious pace. The dreams of these inspirational individuals are becoming reality every day, and private space travel will soon be available to more who want to accept the challenge of exploring the galaxy. Elon Musk and his company SpaceX, along with Blue Horizon, Virgin, and others are pushing the boundaries on payload delivery, including humans.  RocketLab and Relativity Space are 3D printing entire rocket engines, increasing strength, design, and power while reducing the risks associated with space flight.  This is the technology available to almost anyone who wants to take the time to learn digital technology.

It is the technology and how we apply it at Comfort Supply that can have a great impact on what we do.  As part of our core values, we embrace the application of the changes in technology so that we can remain the preeminent resource for our clients and continue to provide the best products and services in the industry.