I love the outdoors. I hunt and I ride dirt bikes a lot. I also snowmobile in the winter which is particularly enjoyable because it’s such a release. They all provide a rush and could satisfy any kind of thrill seeker.

There are two big takeaways when you’re outside doing that type of stuff. Firstly, as you’re riding you can’t be thinking about anything else. It is so intense and requires so much concentration you are consumed by the moment. Secondly, you get to go and see so many unique things that very few other people get the opportunity to see. It’s a hobby that takes you to remote places in New York, Vermont, and Michigan simply because you can’t get there unless you’re on a snowmobile. The beauty of nature, animals, creeks, and waterfalls are on full display.

Plus, if you go with a big group of people it is so much more enjoyable. I have a bunch of friends that I ride with and we’ll go and get away for a week somewhere. It builds camaraderie because you experience it all together and then you get to talk about it afterwards.