This September marks my 12-year anniversary at Comfort Supply.  According to Dave Heckler though, it’s more like 7 years.  My how time flies. As I look back at career at Comfort Supply, I see many wonderful memories.  When asked to write this small piece I thought long and hard about what would make the best “story” or the best “memory”.  It’s hard to pick just one out of so many.  Yes, we have core values and a mission statement that can easily be a part of this.  The most interesting part though, for me, is the fact that employees were included in the process of developing our core values and our mission statement. It wasn’t something that was forced upon us, spoon fed to us.  It’s way more than just words that make up the core values and a mission statement.  It’s what our culture is and always was amongst the employees and our everyday professional lives since I was first employed here.  The process was very exciting to be a part of. The Hecklers value the employee’s thoughts and opinions, after all we are what makes Comfort Supply so special to do business with.  Yes, the products and vendors help, but Comfort Supply is only as strong as the people that work here.  Big changes are coming and as always, the employee’s thoughts and opinions are always valued with these changes.  People are what makes this company so special.


As far as hobbies, my family is my hobby right now.  My wife and 3 boys are my world.  Watching us grow and evolve as a family is the greatest thing for me right now.  The love my wife has for our family warms me every day.  She is my rock, without her, I would be lost.