My favorite CSIpgh core value is the “Constant Pursuit of Knowledge and Growth.” It’s what drew me here in the first place. After talking to some individuals who worked for Comfort Supply, Inc. and customers who used them, I realized they had a reputation of being knowledgeable and they knew what they were talking about. Consequently, when an opportunity opened up I interviewed and told them I wanted to work for them because I wanted my legacy to be someone who is knowledgeable and respected in this field.

It’s a belief I’ve always had and is something I’ve instilled in my daughter. When she was in 3rd grade she was assigned a new teacher who nobody wanted because she was tough yelled a lot. She told me she wanted to transfer out of the class, so I set up a meeting with the teacher. When I arrived I could hear the teacher screaming down the other end of the hall and I realized the stories could be true. After talking with her though I told her I wasn’t going to have my daughter pulled from her class. I thought this would be a good life lesson in dealing with people with difficult personalities, however, I asked one thing of the teacher. I told her my daughter loves to learn, and whatever she did, please do not ruin it for her.

In the end, my daughter became very close with the teacher. In fact, the teacher sponsored my daughter for an accelerated learning program. After that, she was on the fast track. She has maintained that desire to learn and has always been top of her class and now has a graduate degree and has maintained that desire to learn in her successful career.

Often times when you have been in a career for a long while, as I have, you might tend to sit on your past experience and knowledge and think that it is enough to get you by. However, in today’s world of ever changing technology, to stay relevant you need to “love to learn” and continue to pursue knowledge and growth. Comfort Supply employees exhibit that. I see it everyday and I think our customers see it as well.