Welcome to 2018, everyone!

Sorry we haven’t had much to say since October… the parties responsible for the publication of our blog went through a tad bit of turmoil over the holidays (if you MUST know, more here: http://www.bloomingyogi.com/homeless-for-the-holidays/2017/12/02/) but we are back and ready to ROCK in 2018…

We’re kicking the year off, as we always do, with the launch of our Spring Training offering. After some careful consideration, we thought it best to bring a more focused approach to the Spring Training… so you’ll notice we’ve stuck to our ‘bread and butter’ on the calendar (seen below).

If you’d like to download a copy of the 2018 Spring Training Schedule, click here.

In addition to a new training calendar, we’ve got some new additions to the lab as well… what, you ask? You’ll just have to sign up for a class and see for yourself!

As a reminder, we’ve made it incredibly easy to sign up for our #CSIPGHcertified training: you can email Sarah (sarah@csipgh.com) or register here or make our phone ring at (412) 921 – 6600.


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Don’t see something that tickles your fancy?

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