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CSIpgh was founded on the basis of providing unparalleled support to our Commercial VRF & Ductless customers; 35 years later, this is still the foundation of what we do. As pioneers of VRF technology, we supplied the first VRF system in the country back in 1993. Our staff has a combined 100+ years of VRF Experience. Simply put, we know VRF.

Why Choose VRF?

A VRF system uses innovative technology to provide the exact amount of cooling needed in each individual zone. Unlike traditional systems, VRF systems are able to recapture heat from the cooling process, and use it in other zones that need heating, allowing the system to run less frequently, and at a lower capacity.

  • Lower Lifecycle Cost

  • Zoned Comfort

  • System Simplicity

  • Quiet Operation

  • Space Savings

  • High Efficiency

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Commercial Projects

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We understand that commercial projects are not one-size-fits all. For those projects that require out of the box solutions, CSIpgh takes a consultative approach to find COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS that fits your needs. Get in touch with us  for assistance on your next commercial project.